Compostable Straw (Heat-resistance)

Our compostable straw is meticulously crafted to cater to both hot and cold beverages, offering unparalleled durability and adhering to stringent safety standards. Made from renewable natural resources such as sugarcane, starch, and corn, it proudly bears certification from the prestigious German DIN CERTCO. Delivers superior performance and ensuring the utmost safety for consumers.

-Drink straws
-Coffe straws

  • 【Suitable for -4°C to 85°C】

  • 【Unaffected by hot liquids】Maintains durability even after extended use

  • 【Safe for health】Does not produce harmful substances at high temperatures

  • 【Certified with DIN CERTCO】

- 21 cm, Ø 12 mm
- Customized sizes available, please contact us