Plant-Based Tape

【MIT : Made In Taiwan】
2021 Taiwan Excellence Award

100% plant-based and compostable backing certified by the DIN CERTCO combined with water-based adhesives. Plant-Based Tape provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tape. By using Plant-Based Tape, you can enhance your environmental responsibility and image of brand. Thanks to its renewable backing materials and a 100% recycled paper core, this tape carbon footprint reduction potential of up to 44%.

  • Sealing of packages / card boxes

  • Packaging, bundling and closing

    • Biomass

    • Plant-Based

    • Non-toxic
    • 【Plant-based】 Backing is made of renewable materials with high transparency
    • 【Non-toxic】Combustible but does not produce harmful substances
    • 【Low carbon footprint】Less CO2 emissions compared to other traditional tape

    • 【Strong adhesion】  
    • 【Easy to tear by hand】
    • 【Printable】

    - Width : 35M
    - Length : 48mm
    - Total Thickness : 45µm

    - Customized sizes available, please contact us
    -Please note that the appearance and physical properties of our products are subject to mutual confirmation with customers. Images on the website may not accurately represent the final product, as variations may exist in the core of the adhesive tape rolls and the printing designs on the tape.