Resin/ Polymers

Biodegradable Eco-Solutions

Our biodegradable & compostable polymers can be divided into 2 types:

(1) AVABIO : Rigid texture

(2) AVALOPEC : Softer and flexible texture

AVALOPEC Specifications

No. Product Code Features
1 BNS2 / BNS3 Suitable for Agricultural Mulch Film

AVABIO Specifications

No. Product Code Features
1 BNL5 Material for Rigid/Tough Packaging
2 BNL8 Material for Transparent Packaging
3 BNB7 Material for Soft and Flexible Packaging
4 BNC4 Black Color Resin
5 BNC5 White Color Resin
6 BNL4T Suitable for Sheet Extrusion
7 BNL01C / BNHRC Resin for Laminated Plastics


More than 90% of material could be biologically decomposed into CO2 & H2O, reaching EN13432 international standards.
Biodegradable products help reducing approximately 30% carbon emissions after incineration.
It does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET and other plastizers.


  • Film

  • Tape

  • Label

  • Sheet Extrusion

  • Blow Moldings

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Our biodegradable polymers are able to be utilized in several products such as:
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AVALOPEC biodegradable resin can be made into agricultural mulch sheet or film, which is o ...