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Biomass Tray

ECO Food Container

We provide biomass, biobased, plant-based material for tray production that can replace traditional plastic tray.
Switching to biobased trays enhances environmental responsibility and reduces emissions into the atmosphere caused by the use of non-renewable resources.
Trays are used to package produce or as disposable or reusable containers.

Take-out boxes, storage boxes, food trays, etc.
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  • 【Good tensile strength】

  • 【Withstand temperatures as low as -48°C】

  • 【Non-toxic】

  • 【Suitable for single-use application】

  • 【Meets ASTM D6866】

- Features can be varied, e.g., high/low temperature resistance
- Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, customizable
- AVATACK can provide both OEM/ODM services and finished products