rPE Stretch Wrap

With 25% recycled PE content and 100% full recyclability, our pallet wrap delivers exceptional sustainability without compromising on performance. Designed for both automatic and manual application, it boasts superior puncture resistance, adhesion, and elasticity, ensuring ease of use and reliability in any setting.

Applications and examples:
- Pallet wrap
- Stretch wrap
- Industrial film

  • 【25% recycled PE content】Materials certified with GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

  • 【100% fully recyclable】

  • 【Tear Resistant】

  • 【Puncture Resistance】

  • 【Protects against dust, water and moisture】

- Width : 500mm
- Length : 500M
- Thickness : 15μm

-For different proportions of recycled materials content, please contact us.