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Biodegradable Film (Pallet wrap)

Biodegradable Stretch Pallet wrap Film

Biodegradable stretch films (pallet wrap) are used to secure packages on a pallet and protect goods, avoiding dropping and damage during transportation, and moisture-proof purposes.
Using biodegradable materials to make stretch films (pallet wrap), replacing traditional plastics, can reduce plastic waste and carbon footprints in logistics.
When properly disposed, it turns into water, CO2 and biomass.

  • Compostable

  • Biodegradable

  • Non-toxic
  • 【Non-toxic 】
  • 【Puncture resistance, good extensibility】
  • 【User-Friendly】Suitable for automatic stretch wrap machine and manual packaging
  • 【Environment-Friendly】Completely replaces traditional pallet packaging films to reduce the carbon footprint
  • 【Meets EN13432 and ASTM D6400】

- AVATACK can provide both OEM/ODM services and finished products