Injection molding
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Biodegradable and Compostable Tableware

Biodegradable and Compostable Tableware

Biodegradable and compostable tableware can replace traditional plastic to enhance environmental responsibility and reduce emissions into the atmosphere caused by the use of fossil fuels.
When properly disposed, these tableware can decompose into water, CO2 and biomass.
Tableware comprising spoons, forks and knives are a staple for public gatherings or take-out businesses. Tableware is reusable or disposable.

Knives and forks, spoons
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  • 【Non-toxic】

  • 【High temperature resistant】

  • 【Upgraded process technology】 ( injection molding), durable and machine washable.

  • 【Suitable for single-use application】solving the the pollution problems caused by disposable plastic waste.

  • 【Meets ASTM D6866】

- Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, customizable
- AVATACK can provide both OEM/ODM services and finished products