rPET Label

rPET Label is made of 100% recycled polyester material.
From personalized labels and stickers to branded packaging, AVATACK utilizes state-of-the-art adhesive technology to create sustainable labels using rPET films combined with water-based adhesives.
What better way to communicate a product's sustainability and express commitment to sustainable goals than to use a biobased label.
Recycled PET stickers can reduce waste and reduce CO2 emissions while outperforming conventional plastic tapes.

Consumer product label, advertisement label

Recycled PET Label

  • Carbon Reduction

  • Plastic Reduction

  • Recyclable
  • 【Carbon Reduction】Less carbon emission after incineration and less energy required than traditional plastics .
  • 【Plastic Reduction】Using post-consumer PET contributes reduction in new raw plastic materials.
  • 【Recyclable】Able to be recycled. After process of crash and extrusion, it could be reuse as the raw material again.

  • 【Good printability】helping good printing quality
  • 【Environment-Friendly】Up to 32% CO2 reduction (compared to PET)
  • 【Non-toxic】Water-based adhesive does not contain solvent, non-toxic and low pollution
  • 【Temperature resistance】Offering temperature resistance
  • 【Multiple applications】Hot stamping, embossing or 3D patterns are applicabe

- Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, customizable
- AVATACK can provide both OEM/ODM services and finished products