Biomass / Biobased / Plant-based

Eco-Friendly Materials That Don't Sacrifice Performance

Biomass Resins and Products

Biomass feedstock pertains to materials that are or are derived from renewable resources. This includes a broad range, including agricultural waste, rice husks, coffee granules, corn, sugar, natural fibers, bio-PP, bio-PE, etc.
Incorporation of biomass content into a product allows it to have a lower carbon footprint by avoiding the use of fossil-based resources which would release CO2, a greenhouse gas, back into the atmosphere.
The incorporation of plant-based raw materials lowers the carbon footprint of a product through the plant’s ability to capture CO2. These products are commonly known as biobased products.

Biomass Resins advantages

Products made from biobased resins are also known to have better durability and comparable performance to their traditional plastic counterparts. Depending on the raw materials, biobased products also have a better compatibility profile with recycling processes.
All these make biobased plastics products an important tool in allowing companies to forge a path towards their sustainability goals.

AVATACK is working on various biobased resins and products.
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