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AVATACK is one of the leading adhesive tape manufacturers in the world. Self-developed acrylic and rubber adhesive formulas, precise coating technology, and regularly improved coating & packaging facilities.

Major Industrial Uses of Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes bond components, join materials, offer cohesion and fasten the application process.
Our adhesive tapes are used in different industries today to bond components, join materials, offer great cohesion, and fasten the application process. Indeed, several high-performance industrial types are available in the market to serve industrial products.

Best-fit product feature for you

  • Great adhesion and excellent applicate property
  • Flame retardant and a wide temperature resistance range
  • Several types of materials with high quality are offered for different purposes of applications
  • Different product grades. Economic and certificated series of PSA tapes are available for selection
  • Sustainability

    AVATACK go Green. AVATACK is dedicated to research and developments in environmentally friendly processes and products. Starting with the total solution of production and formula, we can customize Eco-friendly and efficient products for our customers. Furthermore, we have developed a new Materials business Unit to provide sustainability adhesive products and have better ESG conversations with our clients.