Avatack ECO
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A professional adhesive provider

AVATACK performed as a professional adhesive provider

Avatack is a leading global tape manufacturer. With over 60 years of accumulated knowledge of polymer materials and a strong R&D team, Avatack continues improves upon its acrylic and rubber pressure sensitive adhesive formulas in order to approve the accuracy of coating technologies and create customized solutions to its client base around the world.

We have always regarded ourselves as our customer’s partner, and high-quality products and excellent service are the key to helping us move forward. As the first company in Taiwan to obtain ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas management certification, Avatack has always been mindful of our impact on the environment. We have out in place strict policies on energy consumption, waste management, and gas emissions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Much like how young seedlings blossom into flowers, then return to the earth to bloom once more, this forms the basis of our circular economy. We strive to educate our employees to make environmentally conscious decisions in order to strike a balance between ecology and economy. We are proud to be partners that share a common philosophy.


The material could be biologically decomposed into CO2 and H2O, more than 90% organic substances will convert within 6 months, meeting international standards. It's one of the best solution for plastic pollution problem.


We provide products made of recycled polyester (R-PET) material as a solution for customers to meet environment protection targets and contribute sustainable recyclability.